Cost $  90 (60 minutes)

Cost $ 160 (90 minutes)

Sports Massage benefits the body by generally preventing injuries and loss of mobility.  It can restore injured muscle tissue and helps to extend the overall life of your sporting career by boosting performance and promoting good muscle condition.


Cost $ 60 ( 60 minutes)

Hand and Foot Massages are performed with a special sugar scrub, hot towels, a vitality mask and essential oils. This massage treatment will  eliminate dead skin cells leaving your skin hydrated, relieve pain and improve circulation.​​


Cost $  85 (60 minutes)

Cost $ 140(120 minutes)

Revivo custom massage uses a variety of techniques that may include hot towels, aromatherapy and hot stones to address each client's needs.  Experience the ultimate massage aimed to relax sore muscles, stimulate circulation and improve range of motion.

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Cost $  80 (60 minutes)

Cost $ 120 (90 minutes)

Plantar fasciitis is a thickening of the connective tissue that runs the entire length of the bottom of the foot and supports your arch. Deep tissue massage and slow strokes can help to release the muscle tension, break scar tissue, remove toxins and ensure proper circulation of blood and oxygen.


Cost $  110 (90 minutes)

Cost $ 160 (120 minutes)

Trigger Point Therapy treats pain that develops within a muscle which has formed a tight knot.  This is one of the most debilitating pain syndromes because it spreads, creating symptoms like numbness, burning and tingling throughout the body.

Therapeutic Massage Services

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Pre- and Post Surgery, Prenatal, Geriatric, Rhythm & StillnessHot Stone, Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Sinuous, Kids Massage Therapy and On-Site Chair massage services for your next event.  

Whether for health purposes or cosmetic reasons, massage can ease the after-effects of surgery such as pain, swelling, scarring, anxiety and sometimes depression.


Massage helps the body pump more oxygen and nutrients into tissues and vital organs to rehabilitate area(s) to become more flexible and heal faster. 


Cost $ 60 (60 minutes)
Cost $ 80 (90 minutes)

Detox Face Massage relieves stress and anxiety in addition to treating such medical issues as  migraines, sinus problems and TMJ.  Clients will feel less muscle tension and facial pain.  This treatment will improve skin and muscle tone, slow down the aging process and leave skin glowing.

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